Performance,  Innovation, Excellence

Established in 2008 in the small island of Cyprus, S.C.Pro-Tech Solutions has steadily and carefully grown to a profitable venture offering a vast line of services in the Information Technology industry.

With the main purpose of performance and quality the company strives, with the contribution of its experienced personal to keep businesses up to date, promote their work and reduce costs.

Our Business

The majority of product services offered surrounds software application development through cloud infrastructures. This does not exclude the usage of out of the box solutions customised or setup to fit the business requirements. Following Oracle AIM Methodology we capture all requirements and deliver the solution in a timely manner. 

In addition to Product Development we do not hold back to provide process improvement suggestions to increase efficiency. The old saying 'What is working does not require fixing' is not valid in our continuing progressive and aggressive business environment.

IT Companies

We work with multiple vendors to provide a vast variety of options with various cost saving estimation models.

Business strategy

The companies strategy aims to invest in young entrepreneurs, brainstorm ideas and materialize working products which would benefit our customers. Dedicated service and professionalism leaves no customer unsatisfied.

Our Partners

Talent Team Consulting Oracle Partners Consulting Services
Talent Team Consulting