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Whether its a business restructure, security check, cost savings reporting, branding, new business setup this is the pit stop. Our vast variety of contacts will provide the tools to achieve your goals. Have you ever wondered where you need to start to setup your business in Cyprus? Here are some hints :

Legal Establishment

Our legal department will advise you how it is best to setup your business and will prepare the work for you. Self-Employed or Limited Liability? With the information you provide we can provide the consultation, pros cons and help you get things started.

Presence and Branding

Once you get your business started you need to make yourself known. Either through internet media which is a low cost and on going marketing method or with personal advertisements to targeted audiences. In our firm we personally prefer internet media campaigns which will not produce any waste (like thrown fliers) and we can provide the training and tools to continue advertising yourself. Your market base or existing customers may not need more advertising but branding will keep them closer than ever.

Business Process

Have you decided how you will work? eShop, Physical store, on premises service, delivery methods, order capture and accounting. There are various business aspects to consider. With our experience we can streamline your process in the most effective way. Older and bigger companies have taken our advise and reduced substantial costs. 

Information Technology

Are you working with paper based invoices and reports? How do you work on day to day activities? How often do you feel your operations are slow? With the right tools you can stay ahead of the game.

Own Projects

Aside our multiple business services we work on our projects and applications which we promote and are available to you. 

Venture Capital/Entrepreneurship/Start Ups

If you have an idea or require funding for small business, we will be interested to hear you out. 

If any above go you interested don't hesitate to Contact Us


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